Sunday, December 9, 2012

iPhone Photo Overload - Part 2

The Part 1 iPhone overload included photos from October.  Part 2 is from November.  Someday, I might be caught up...okay, probably not.  :)
Nathan chewing on his books.  This kid constantly has something in his mouth.

Told you.  Nathan loves meal time!

This is how Tyler falls asleep most afternoons - surrounded by books. 

Tyler enjoys shopping the Christmas toy catalogs. 
(We are no longer using the bouncer - it was just in the kitchen this particular day to remind me to give it to Aunt Sandy so Hadley would have a safe place to sit at her house.)

Playing dress up - this is about as good as it gets right now. 

Nathan has since been upgraded from his pumpkin seat to a rear facing seat.  The 20 lb kid plus a seat was getting too heavy for mommy to carry everywhere and the main reason was Nathan threw a FIT when we tried to put him in it.  No fits being thrown for the bigger seat.  I guess he got what he wanted. 

Dancing man.

Peek-a-boo.  Mom, why are you taking my picture when I am getting up from my nap?

I love bath photos! 

Happy Mizzou fan!  We have since added a third tooth on the bottom.  Nathan is up to 7 teeth!  Can anyone say steak for Christmas?  ;)

Impromptu family photo.

Tyler wanted to keep taking photos. 
That is all for this edition of random iPhone photos.

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