Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Crafts @ Playgroup

Our Friday playgroup had a special Holiday Crafts event a few weeks ago.  Since Tyler loves to paint, color and get messy I thought it would be perfect. 
Christmas stamps.

This little man makes it next to impossible to take photos, help with crafts and keep an eye on him so he cannot escape.   Whew!

Nathan's little hand wanted to help with stamps too!

Tyler's favorite craft was making the pinecone birdfeeder.  He loved covering them with the birdseed.  I remember making these too with peanut butter.  Since peanut butter is such an allergy risk they used shortening.  Yuck!  It will fatten those birds right up! 

Tyler's finished product right next to the Mizzou birdfeeder outside.  The birds had a good majority of the seeds gone within the first few days. 
We also got to make a snowman out of shaving cream and glue, a Christmas tree with tissue paper pieces and there was a craft station to make noodle and cereal necklaces.  Tyler was not into making a necklace at ALL!  (I think we ended up with three noodles on a string.) 

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