Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Field Trip Friday: Purina Farms

Aunt Patty joined the boys and I on July 18 for a fun Friday field trip to Purina Farms.  


Checking out the animals. 

These two are really good buddies most of the time.  It is adorable how much Nathan looks up to Tyler and wants to do everything he does.  

Tyler and Nathan both milked the cow.  Tyler was too fast. I totally missed getting any photos. :( 

Nathan has no fear!   

After the cow milking it was on to the dog show.  

Grant enjoyed a quick snooze.  
He appropriately wore his "Woof" shirt (that was already dirty by 11am). 

Checking out the dogs with Aunt Patty!   

A photo with one of the STL 250 birthday cakes.  We really should have made a better effort to see more of these this summer.  It would have been a fun task.  I talked to a mom behind us that had 4 boys and they had been to 85 of the cakes!  #supermom

It is a fun place to visit that is close to home.  You can see our past visits herehere and here

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