Friday, July 27, 2012

Field Trip Friday - Purina Farms

A few weeks ago, we spent a hot morning at Purina Farms.  A special thanks to Aunt Patty for coming along and braving the heat. 

Turning the dog food. (The balls are supposed to represent dog food.)

This picture is so very much Tyler. 
He would have stayed and played with this tractor and the corn all day if I would have let him. 

Yep, I am pretty sure that is poop of some kind on the bottom of his shoes.  Gross!

More corn.

We have a tractor like this in the garage for Tyler (with a trailer) but he has never shown much interest.  We go somewhere else and it is really cool.  I am sure someday he will play with the one we have at home.  I still vividly remember driving Kyle around in a car seat in the trailer (safety first!) in circles around the house when we were younger. 

We are going to have to get Tyler practicing for the pedal tractor pull at the fair in a few years too!

Tyler wanted to hop right in with the little pigs. 

Petting the bunny rabbit.

Patty and Nathan.

Sweet boy just sweating because his mommy brings him on these crazy field trips in 100 degree weather.  Poor Nathan!

Tyler clapping at the dog show.  It is pretty neat!

Thank goodness for Patty.  I don't know what I would do without her on our field trip days.  Also, this picture reminds me to be thankful for shade! :)

After sweating for a few hours it was back home to take naps and cool off.

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