Friday, August 22, 2014

Tyler's T-ball season

Tyler participated in his first year of t-ball through the YMCA that started in June.  

All decked out in his t-ball gear.  Looking good, buddy.  

Nathan was sporting some shades for the first t-ball game of the season.  

Ready to play! 

Nice rip!

Nathan was trying to sneak a drink from the dugout (even though I brought him his own) so all the kids were holding their water bottles up high.  #brotherlylove 

Our first t-ball game of the season was a bit chilly so Grant cuddled up and took a snooze.  

Lining up to give high fives and say "good game."

These next few pictures were from picture day inside the Y since it was raining. 

On a team of 4 and 5 year olds, 4 year old Tyler is the tallest! 

Tyler and his buddy, Nate Paul, from school. 

My own version of the team photo.  We purchased one of the packages too.  Those pics are coming soon.  

Waiting in the dugout.

T-ball is hard work!

This video is from Tyler's first game.  He would run from whatever position he was playing to the ball.  Third to first... Shortstop to home.  While we appreciate the hustle we had to talk about playing in his area and letting his teammates get the ball if it was hit to them.  Tyler did get better about this aspect of the game throughout the season.  We did have tears from Tyler one game because the ball got hit to the pitcher position five times in a row.  Tyler was not playing the pitching position. 

All in all, the season was a great lesson on teamwork and he got the basics of baseball.   Tyler says he wants to play again next season so it is a win in our book! :) 

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