Monday, July 22, 2013

Field Trip Wednesday: Purina Farms

I had some extra days off from work in June so we spent some of the time extra day trips.  Purina Farms is the perfect distance from our house as we can make it and get it all in BEFORE nap time!  We were thankful GG Wood could join us for the morning too!
A wheel to turn is always an attraction for Tyler.  He doesn't care what it turns. 

I love these tables filled with corn and tractors to play with.  Genius!  Again, Tyler could stay here and play for hours. 

But there were cows to see.  Tyler waited in line for a bit to get to milk a cow but chickened out.  I learned that a dairy cow produces 100 pounds of milk a day.  I am thinking that we may need to get a dairy cow in the backyard to keep enough milk in this house for three growing boys in the years to come.  Do you think that is against subdivision restrictions?  :)

Tyler really wanted to feed the animals and was not afraid to stick his hands in their stalls. 

Even though Nathan's legs are not quite long enough to reach the pedals, he was still in love with walking this tractor around.  We have one of these in the garage so soon enough, Nathan, your legs will be able to reach the pedals. 

Next up was the dog show and the boys were loving the music they played to get the crowd excited. 

The dogs and trainers are truly amazing. 

Cool, eh?

The boys, GG and I had a great time at Purina Farms.

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  1. What a great place! We will have to meet you there next time!!!