Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pins and Pals Bowling

We haven't done the usual Field Trip Fridays this summer.  Some of that is in part to having three kids to keep track of on our outings, different nap schedules and a dirty house by the end of the week (that I feel the need to stay home and clean a bit), but in June our Friday mornings were spent at the bowling alley for Pins and Pals Bowling Camp!  

Tyler saw the sign up one random weekend afternoon when we decided to bowl.  We then found out that his preschool goes on Friday too.  It was perfect - we could still sign up and meet up with his friends since he normally doesn't go to school on Fridays.  

Blurry bowling. 

High Five for a STRIKE! :) 

One week they got to Cosmic Bowl.  It really just means you turn off the lights and bowl in the dark with music on, but the kids thought it was great!  :) 


I kept this boy busy with lots of snacks, books, cars and of course bowling watching.  

More friends!  

Grant was such a trooper.  He often took his morning nap shortly after arriving at the bowling alley.  
I accidentally forgot to pack a bottle one week so I was able to earn my "nursing at the bowling alley" badge.   Let me assure you I didn't forget the bottle the following week!  It was tough to keep Nathan still and in sight will trying to stay tucked away so I didn't get 1,000 questions from preschoolers. 

Little Rascals is pretty brave to bring all the 4 and 5 year-olds to bowl each Friday in June.  There are a lot of kids!  

The last week of the camp, Spare Bear came to visit.

They got their photo taken for the newspaper by Aunt Jeanne.  They also received a certificate, a t-shirt and a bowling pin shaped water bottle (where in the world do I store this "treasure?") 

Nathan wanted to meet Spare Bear too.  He patiently waited his turn. 

Back to bowling.  
Doesn't he look so big here?  How did this happen?  

The camp was a success meaning Tyler had a lot of fun.  I don't know that he really learned any bowling "technique" but he did get better as the camp went on.  He had a strike or two, several spares and even scored over 100 one game!  

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