Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fair Parade

We enjoyed the annual fair parade on Sunday, August 3rd. 
 The family was in full force to celebrate the event.  

It was Grant's first fair parade

Tyler; however, is an old pro! 

Tyler was in charge of looking cute and getting popcicles for everyone! :) 

Grandma looking good wearing Hadley's hat. 

My dad was either crazy to put a two year old with a popsicle on his head or he flat out just didn't care. :) 

Grandma helped Hadley with her popcicle. 

Grant got to share one with Daddy.  

Dad looks a little concerned about the drip potential in this photo.  

Yes, that is an ice cream now in Tyler's hand.  After a popcicle he was handed an ice cream.  #sugaroverload

Patty, Grant and Mike!

Tyler waived at everyone.  He quickly learned that the friendlier he was the more candy he was handed.  :) 

Sandy took this video of Tyler dancing to the band during the parade.  He was in his element! ;) 

Our crew was looking good! :) 

I don't know if this was ANOTHER ice cream or the same one.  Looking back at the photos...I cannot tell.  #momoftheyear 

I am pretty sure Nathan was eyeing that ice cream cone!

After the parade we congregated at the Harms' household for the annual pizza party. 

 For a flashback you can checkout the 2012 fair parade, documented here

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