Friday, July 15, 2011

Field Trip Friday - Purina Farms

We were excited to have a full crew for Field Trip Friday to Purina Farms!

From left to right: Susan, Anna, Zach, Erin, Grandma and Tyler.

Anna and Zach before the dog show.

Grandma and Tyler were dancing to the music before the show started.

Dog leaping into the water.  It was a very cool dog show!

Zach on the rope swing.  He had to show Tyler how to do it.

Tyler thought he was hot stuff on the swing with Grandma's help.

After Purina Farms we stopped in Labadie to have lunch at The Hawthorne.
Tyler wanted the lemons...okay, let's be honest we thought it would be funny to see his face.  It was!
The funny thing is he kept wanting more.  

Such faces! :)

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