Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fair Fun: Preview Night

We were lucky enough to be able to attend the fair preview night on Tuesday, August 5th.  The kids enjoyed riding all the rides with NO lines!  

Emily McCormack, Tyler and Kellen McCormack enjoyed the Scrambler.  I am pretty sure it had a different name but we called it the Scrambler when I was younger.  ;)

Nathan had to watch from atop Jeff's shoulders.  He was too short to ride that one.  

The hot air balloon ride was next and Nathan wanted to ride by himself.  He must have seen the older kids get smashed on the first ride. 

Nathan LOVES motorcycles.  He usually calls them bicycles but he points out every. single. one. we see.  
Needless to say he was excited for this ride.  

I try to point out that people that ride motorcycles are crazy.  I hope Nathan's love for motorcycles is a phase that ends long before he turns 16. 

Love this pic!  
Brynn McCormack, Tyler, Nathan, Hadley and Hailey Wehmeyer

Fun slide!

It was really fast and Nathan was all over the place.  
Tyler loved it and wanted to go again.  

Hi Dad!  
Tyler was so excited to ride in the front of the dragon.  
This was his favorite ride last year too. 

Choo-choo train ride.  Nathan in the adult hat cracks me up.  It really isn't that big.  

This was the Monkey Maze, a fun house of sorts.  
Tyler got confused by the mirrors and ran smack into a glass partition.  Jeff could hear him do it from the outside.  He was fine which allow me to laugh so. hard.  

Swings!  I was nervous with my little two year old flying around in these.  I was relieved when this ride ended.  

Dragon ride one more time before we went home.  

We stopped to tell Paul Brune thank you for the awesome evening before we left.  That is when the tears started for an unnamed two year old.  

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