Saturday, August 16, 2014

Golf with Dad

Jeff has been playing golf on Thursday evenings most of the summer.  Tyler has asked to come along and so rather than take Tyler for a round of 9 holes right off the bat, Jeff wanted to start at the driving range.  They were both thrilled to have some one on one time together.  

I asked Jeff to please take some photos for me.  He came through in a big way!  Enjoy!

Watching his first drive!

Pretty good form (coming from the lady who really struggles with her golf game).  
Yet you can see the ball in still on the ground in this photo.  I am sure it was just a practice swing. :) 
There ya go, buddy!  

A bit frustrated after a few swings didn't go his way.  Don't worry, Tyler.  This is how I feel most of the time!  

I cannot get over how grown up playing golf makes him look. 

Worn out and ready to go get a treat.   

He just might be the cutest golfer ever! 

Tyler has played a few times with Jeff since.  Tyler even got to check out Jeff's new course with him one Sunday afternoon to practice his putting.  

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  1. I'm sure Tyler is already a better golfer than I am.... but I still think a double date (maybe 9 holes?) would be SUPER fun!