Saturday, April 20, 2013

Visit to the Firehouse!

Several weeks ago, we got to spend a Saturday morning at the Washington Fire Department Headquarters.  The Parents as Teachers group put it together and we are so glad we were able to attend.  It was an educational and fun morning!
We started out by meeting in the kitchen/break room for a bit of STOP, DROP, COVER (your face) and ROLL education/practice.  The kids also got to sing a modified version of Wheels on the Bus/Fire Engine. 
The firefighter showed us all the gear he has to put on in preparation to fight fires.  A cool fact is that they have to be able to put on everything in less than 2 minutes.

Then the kids got to go upto the firefighter and touch him so if they ever have to encounter one in a situation when they may need help they won't be scared of the firefighter.   Tyler was in awe.

Dad and Nathan were watching Tyler interact with the firefighter.
We got to see some cool things on the fire engines work.  Check out Jeanne in action in the background.  Good work, Jeanne! 

Someday, maybe I will get a normal smiling photo of both boys...

Tyler was checking out everything in the fire engine out. 
Nathan has some funny faces!

Tyler was ready to drive!

Nathan wanted in on the action too!

Very serious. 

Tyler put on the firefighter's hat and it was so heavy he barely could hold his head up and wouldn't look at me for a photo.
After a tour of the Fire Department Headquarters, a lesson for the kids and checking out the trucks, the boys got badges, hats, coloring books, pencils and bookmarks. 

They were excited about their new gear and the fire hats are still a hot item in the playroom.

I love this photo of the boys!
It was an awesome trip to the firehouse.  Thank you to all of our volunteer firefighters in Washington!  We are very lucky to have an awesome and highly qualified fire department. 

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  1. Oh my goodness Owen would be drooling over those fire trucks! Looks like T&N were too! Also love the posts of his 1st BDAY! Can't believe he's so big already! Let's reschedule our play date SOON. Miss Millie has moves to show you =)