Monday, December 2, 2013

Going Home!

Grant and I were released from the hospital around noon on November 17.  Yes, it was less than 48 hours after he was born!   
The doctors and nurses were shocked that the only pain medication I had was one Motrin that I requested Saturday night to help me sleep a bit better.  I am not sure if my pain tolerance is really that high or if I was simply mentally prepared for it since it was my third go around.  Either way, Grant and I are feeling great and I am so thankful of the wonderful care we received while in the hospital. 
Precious and so tiny!
Grant's discharge weight was only 8lbs. 1oz. (and that was measured at his Saturday night evaluation). 
Even though the nurse said to go home and take it easy, we had one stop before we could head for home.  My cousin and Godson, Zach, was confirmed at church on Sunday morning and I wanted to swing by his party.  I was sad to miss the confirmation so to be able to make the party was awesome!  Every newborn should attend a party before headed home, right? :)
Welcome home, Grant! 

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