Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Parade of Lights

The day after Thanksgiving is the Annual Parade of Lights in Downtown Washington and even though Grant was only 2 weeks old, we bundled everyone up and headed downtown. 
Tyler was finishing up some french fries while we waited for the parade to start. 

Nathan was a bit confused while we waited in the cold for the parade to start.  Grant slept in his car seat until right before the parade started and then I "wore" him for the remainder of the parade to keep us both warm. 

Nathan was fascinated with his mittens.  Also, notice his coat...Jeff bought Nathan a Carhartt version kids coat and bibs.  Every 20 month old needs gear to work on the farm, right?  I do have to admit that Nathan was warm. 

Nathan enjoyed a great view of the parade on top of Popo's shoulders.  We had quite the crew at the parade...about 15-20 family members.  Never a dull moment!

We put the camera away during the parade but had a wonderful time and immensely enjoy this holiday tradition. 
Another highlight of the night was Tyler getting to play hide and seek with the big boys (Zach and friend, Jonathan) back at Great Aunt Susan's house after the parade!  They kept us all entertained. 

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