Monday, December 16, 2013

Bowling Fun!

We have tried to make sure Tyler and Nathan are getting much needed attention since Grant's birth.  A few weeks ago we took them both to see Frozen, the movie, in 3D while Grandma and Grandpa Zick watched Grant.  It was a big treat with popcorn, candy and even a root beer (our kids have probably can probably count the number of sodas they have had on one hand)! 
 Last Sunday, after naps, we attempted bowling. Grandma and Grandpa Zick again kept Grant for a few hours between feedings.  Thanks!
Tyler was VERY excited.  He was checking out the lanes after selecting his ball with dad. 

We helped Tyler the first few frames of the first game and then the second game he did it all on his own!

Nathan was into it for only a few frames of the first game and didn't play the second game at all - just had a drink and a snack. ;)
Nathan did like to see the pins fall down. 

Tyler was always ready for his turn.
Nathan and his drink.

Tyler on his own!  He bowled and 83 the second game all by himself and even had a spare.  He will tell you he knocked "them all down and mom won."  I did win.  I love to win! ;)

Tyler has already requested to go bowling again.  The special outings are very well received by Tyler. 

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