Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Grant Meets Tyler and Nathan

The brotherly bonding started well before Grant was born.  Lots of kisses and pats to mommy's tummy were given.  There were also several brotherly jabs and jumps to go along with it.  We didn't want Grant to get an unrealistic idea of our household.  ;)
Tyler was explaining to Nathan that Baby Grant was finally here!  Nathan was still a bit confused. :)

Excitement from Tyler!

"I am not too sure about this guy.  I was only the baby for 20 months..."

Proud papa and Great Aunt Patty watching our three boys meet each other for the first time. 

I love Tyler's innocent face holding his new baby brother. 
The week before Tyler told Grandma Francis that Nathan was his brother and that the new baby was going to be Nathan's brother.  Tyler has since come around to the idea that it is okay to have two brothers. :)

Proud big brother!

Nathan is often a mommy's boy and really stuck his lip out there while standing at the edge of my bed and having dad tell him he couldn't jump up and sit on mom's lap. 
Note:  A big thanks to Aunt Maggie for capturing all these photos!  She was determined to get Nathan's lip sticking out there. 

"Please mom..."
It is very tough to resist this face...I wanted to reach down, scoop him up and have him cuddle on my lap for a bit, incision or no incision.  Thankfully, Nathan was given some snacks to distract him. 

"Let me check out this new guy...he is kinda cute." ;) 
  Now, Nathan is in LOVE with "Baby Gant."   He often asks to "hold baby?"  Nathan is great at giving kisses too and if he hears Grant crying he gets a very concerned look on his face and comes to get me. 
All in all, the bigger boys have been absolutely WONDERFUL around Grant...and pretty gentle with mom too.  ;)
A HUGE thanks to my mom for watching the boys a TON while Jeff and I enjoyed some bonding time in the hospital with our newest addition.  She brought the boys up to meet their new brother shortly after he was born and kept the older boys overnight, took Tyler to his basketball practice/game the following morning, church on Sunday...I could go on!  Thanks, Mom!
We could not be more blessed to have such an amazing family! 

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  1. This is the sweetest post! Hope mine adjust so happily and quickly!! Congrats on your sweet new addition