Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Red is BACK!

Our Elf on the Shelf, Red, returned to our house December 1st. 
Here is what he has been up to:
Dec. 1: Red brought Tyler and Nathan advent calendars purchased from the Plowsharing sale.  I am trying to incorporate the fun of Red while still keeping the boys focused (as much as humanly possible) on the reason for the season.  Each tab opened on the Advent calendar tells part of the Bible story of Christ's birth.  Tyler looks forward to reading it each day and is always trying to get to open the next tab a day early.  And let's be honest, both boys love the chocolate candy they get to eat each day. ;) 

Dec. 2: Snow/flour angel.

Dec. 3: Red lifting marshmallow weights. 

Dec. 4: Red requested cookies and got out all the ingredients.  Tyler said "We'd better make some, Mom!" 

Dec. 5: Red brought a Gingerbread kit to make him a house...which we still have yet to do.
Dec. 6: I didn't take a photo and I don't remember what Red was up to.  #momfail

Dec. 7: Red sent the boys on a candy cane scavenger hunt.  Tyler LOVED it!

Dec. 8: Red was drinking the syrup.  Tyler proceeded to tell EVERYONE at church.  We had to have a conversation to explain that not everyone knows who Red is.
Dec. 9: "Red was trying to steal the star off the Christmas tree" - Tyler
I thought Red was just goofing around and didn't think he meant any malice but apparently Tyler is a bit protective over his tree (more on our Christmas tree search in a later post). 
Tyler has been VERY into finding Red and Nathan will point him out when he sees him.  It has been a fun tradition that we will continue. 
Do you have an elf at your house?  What has your elf been up to?  Red is always looking for easy, creative ideas the boys will enjoy.

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