Friday, December 6, 2013

End of season soccer pics

Tyler's soccer season ended quite some time ago.  We are almost finished with basketball season now...maybe while on maternity leave I will actually catch up on my blog posts...probably not. :)

Here are a few more "action" photos from his season:
(Notice how dirty Tyler gets...)


Team captain or just bossy? 
I just love their little huddles. 

Go team!

Cheering section...with snacks.  He doesn't exactly sit still without snacks and even then, you can see he appears to be on the move.

Participation ribbon displayed proudly.  He didn't care that EVERYONE got one. 

His coach gave him the superlative of "Best Tackler." ;) 
Jeff was okay with soccer not being Tyler's sport. 
Either way, Tyler had fun, got to run around with his friends and enjoy a snack after his games each week. ;)
Here is Tyler's team photo.  Check out his cheesy smile (upper right hand corner of picture).  These are the photos I think are so fun to look back on in 14-15 years when they are seniors in high school! 

His individual pic was actually pretty decent. 


  1. This is so awesome! Do you have to be a member of the Y to play? Is this his first year?

  2. No, you need not be a member of the Y to play (but it does cost a bit more then). It was Tyler's first year. It was fun and I would recommend it. Basketball post coming soon....and by soon, I mean within a month or so. ;)