Monday, August 19, 2013

Wash, MO Fair 2013

Another fair has come and gone.  Tyler was much more into the fair this year than in years past and I have to admit, it was pretty fun.  Jeff and I went by ourselves on Saturday night (thanks GG and Grandpa Wood!) and while we had a good time, we both said it was way more fun to be at the fair with the kids.  (Maybe it would have been more fun without kids if I could have joined my husband and had a beer or two.)  :)
As always, there are a LOT of photos.

Night 1 we checked out a few tractors along with visits to the hogs and steers.  Nathan "moo"d his way through the entire barn at EVERY animal.  We watched a bit of the Super Farmer contest.  I am confident my husband was thinking about entering next year...but he may try to recruit a more adequate "farmer wife."  ;)  We avoided the Midway / "playground" on the first night, but that didn't last long... 
So serious.


The "roller coaster" was Tyler's favorite!

Front row seat!

Nathan was going to ride backwards. 

Hadley and Kyle got to ride this one with us.  I promise, she did like it once it started moving. 
"Are you ready for this?"

"Hi, Mom & Dad!"

Serious...again.  We take fair rides very seriously.

Then it was on to the monster trucks.  I thought they  were a bit lame...there were only 4 of them and they didn't crush cars or anything (at least while we sat there), but the boys thought they were "awesome."
Nathan was in awe!


Mom, let's take our picture...but I am not going to take my eyes off the trucks.

Nathan was even a big boy riding some rides by himself while Tyler rode the roller coaster...again.

Pure joy!

This is as good as it gets to get both boys to smile at the camera at the same time.  "Cheese!"

Yes, this photo is blurry, but it is proof that I was crazy enough to get on the twirling, spinning (pretty fast too) hot air balloon ride 6 months pregnant. 
 Sunday evening, Popo volunteered to watch Nathan as he was not feeling 100%.  Plus, it was fun for mom and dad to have a night out with just Tyler.  It was the evening before he started preschool so it was extra special.  Jeff was awesome to ride rides with Tyler.  After rides, we watched the motocross while enjoying a funnel cake and sharing a Gatorade.  Last stop before home was to visit Grandma who was working front stage at the concert. 
Bumper cars were first up on the agenda.  The photo on the right was their scared faces. 

Dad even squeezed himself on the infamous roller coaster. 
Noticing the lovely porta potties in the background, Tyler did have his first porta potty experience.  Thankfully, Dad took him on this adventure too and Tyler was a bit grossed out by the whole thing.  I don't blame him. 

Tyler got brave and wanted to ride on some of the big rides!  Hew as just barely tall enough to ride this one.  I was nervous for him.  This thing spun around really fast and over little bumps.  Then it went backwards.  When it started to go backwards, Tyler didn't hold on like I probably would have but put both arms in the air.  I was laughing so hard I was crying. 

Final ride of the fair - the swings.   
We had a great time at the "Summer's Last Blast!"  Until the 2014 fair...and we have 3 boys to bring along!  It will be crazy fun! :)

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