Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fair Fun: Wednesday and Friday

The Washington Town & Country Fair is typically our last hurrah of summer.  Tyler's favorite part is the rides and Nathan loves the tractors!  

Nathan did not want to share his tractor wheel. 

This tractor had two seats - one for Tyler and one for Nathan.  Popo was hanging out and helping us on this night so Nathan, being the wise little boy he is, asked Popo for one. ;) 

Grant and Popo hung out while the big boys rode a few rides. 

Out cold!  Popo was pretty pleased! 

Ferris wheel fun!

First waffle ice cream cone.  This is usually my favorite part of the fair!  I didn't get to eat a whole one by myself the entire 5 day event.  I sure do like sharing ALL of the fair with our kiddos though. :) 

We saw the pig show.  
These pigs were on America's Got Talent.  
Let's just say I see why they didn't win the $1 million prize.  

Nathan told "I have corn in toes" for days!

Dragon roller coaster fun! 

Check out the photo bombers in the back!  

Grant's first fair ride! 

More fair posts coming soon - stay tuned! ;) 

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