Thursday, November 29, 2012

School with GG

Tyler got to go to school with GG again this year to help her with her Christmas craft project.  You can see last year's school visit here
Tyler had to bring his backpack.  Of course.
I do have to admit this photo makes me tear up a bit.  He had no idea I was still there.  ;(
I was happy to spend the full morning with him watching him with the other kids.  A big thanks to my mom for watching Nathan for the morning. 
GG and I simplified the craft this year - thank goodness.  (Last year we used glitter glue - a bad idea for most 1st and 2nd graders.)
While Tyler went to the class rooms to get "more kids" with GG, I was in charge of setting up the crafts. 
Kids hard at work.

Tyler was busy coloring and working on his letters.  He can make a T, an O and an I...that is about all that is legible. 

We did the Santa ornament craft with some of the kids in the school library and Tyler was in LOVE!
This kid loves books more than anyone I have ever met...maybe even more than GG herself. 

GG loves volunteering with these little rug rats.  She has an extreme amount of patience and is so good with them.  I can do it for a few hours...and then I remember to really appreciate all teachers.  It is such an important profession that requires a LOT of patience. 
Thanks GG for inviting us to tag along for craft day.  Tyler loves going to school and I have fun helping too. 

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