Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hunting Season 2012

Deer season was a few weekends ago so the boys were dressed in their camo.  Odd enough dad was dressed in bright yellow before heading to the farm for deer camp. 
I am pretty sure all of my boys were annoyed that I was taking this photo. 
I told Kyle, Maggie and Hadley that we could pass the camo onesie down to Hadley for next season.  I am sure Maggie and Hadley are thrilled. ;)
In several short years Tyler and Nathan can join Daddy, PoPo, Uncle Kyle and the rest of the crew at Otter Creek Farms to hunt and maybe, just maybe, I will have a free weekend to shop and relax.  Ahhh...sounds lovely right now.
Since my mom was out of town, I was in charge of sending the traditional oatmeal pies.  Jeff didn't come back with any pie so I assume they were a hit. 
Daddy did come home with meat for the freezer.  He got a doe.  (Thank goodness, how ever would we eat!...insert sarcasm here.)  We are thankful he had a good time and that he came home safely. 

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