Saturday, November 3, 2012

Homecoming House Decs

Last weekend was Homecoming at Mizzou!  Yippee!  We were fortunate enough to be able to go up Friday night for the wonderful tradition of Greek Town House decorations.  The event is geared toward families and it was so fun to take Tyler and Nathan.  Tyler LOVED the little shows. 
House Decs Family Photo.  I think my boys are pretty cute dressed in their black and gold. 

Tyler was dancing up a storm in between shows. 


Each house had fun things for kids to do.  Poor Nathan had to be the Kentucky Wildcat.  Don't worry, and Tyler can both be Tigers!  :)

The pure joy of a simple slide.
This gives you an idea of the house decorations - boards pomped and painted and then put up on scaffolding to build a scene.  Characters are also pomped/painted to tell a story geared toward the kiddos.  I love all the tradition involved in Mizzou's Homecoming festivities.  Homecoming at Mizzou turned 101 this year!   

Paying attention to the show.
A special thanks to Krista for allowing us to stay overnight.  It was a fun sleepover in Co, MO! :)

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