Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snowflake Art

Several weeks ago (I feel like I start every post this way), I found a fun idea on Pinterest and so to Michaels I went to get canvases. 
After a tiny bit a prep work with some masking tape, we were ready to go. 
Tyler loves to paint!

Very intent.

His job was to cover the entire canvas with paint.  Easy enough. 

Snowflake #2.

Messy hands!

Almost final product.  I outlined the snowflakes with black Sharpie and they look wonderful!  I love Tyler's artwork.  I am working on 3 more canvas masking tape designs to display all 4 seasons year round.  I will be sure to post photos when complete.   
I recommend this activity for kids who love to paint but may not quite be at the point of creating something recognizable.  ;)


  1. super cute idea, need to try this! yes, post pics of your other seasons as you do them!