Friday, November 9, 2012

Little Tiger Fan

Tyler got to go to the Mizzou football game with us a few weeks ago for Homecoming.  Krista was nice enough not only to host us for the weekend but also offered to babysit Nathan.  Thanks, Krista!  It was awesome to have a day with our big boy.  He is such a good Mizzou fan!
Funny story:  Tyler was on Uncle Kyle's shoulders and decided to yell "M-I-Z. "  The group around us responded "Z-O-U."  Tyler proceeded by yelling "one more time, everybody!"  He loved it!  He did get a bit upset when the announcer came over the loud speaker and got a bigger response than he did.  So he tried it again...and again...and again.  We had to tell Tyler enough with the M-I-Z for a bit buddy.  Then the next morning, in church, before the service started he yelled from the balcony "M-I-Z..."  Geez, we cannot contain the spirit.  We have since had a talk about when it is appropriate to cheer for the Tigers.  It is one of those stories I will want to remember many years from now. 

A bit concerned about the Tigers performance...

Taking a break from the game to play a different one. 

I think Daddy and Uncle Kyle were showing him how to check out the Golden Girls plays. 

Our little Tiger fan has a pretty sweet game day set up. 

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