Tuesday, November 13, 2012

6 Month / 3 Year Photo Shoot

Jeanne was nice enough, yet again, to take photos for us a few months ago to document Nathan turning 6 months and Tyler turning 3.  I love the photos!

I love these two boys! 

Two peas in a pod. 

I love this father/son photo. 

Nathan looks a bit startled.  I will give him a little break - he had just woken up. 

This was as close to a family photo as we got.  Tyler was not exactly cooperative...shocking, I know.

Happy boys!

Playtime/Mommy's workout. :)
This boy is growing up way too fast! 

So handsome!

Tyler's personality in full swing.

Maybe this crazy kid will cooperate for a family photo next time...I am not holding my breath though. 
Thanks, Jeanne!  We love the awesome photos of our boys!  You are the BEST!

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