Saturday, November 17, 2012

8 Months!

Another month has come and gone.  The months sure do seem to be going quickly lately. 
Can you believe I am 8 months old?

I am pretty happy about it and think I am getting to be a big boy...with a lot of hair that was apparently pretty crazy on Friday.

I sure do have a hard time sitting still.

Look at those beautiful eyes!

This is my favorite thing to do.  I love to stand on my own and take a few steps occasionally.  I also have excellent balance and love to dance. :)
Other updates:
  • The biggest change for Nathan this month has been the gradual switch to formula.  I think we only have 3 more frozen servings of breastmilk for him before he is completely transitioned.  With 6 teeth his time was up.  Let's just say Nathan ruined it for himself...
  • Nathan is very clearly saying MaMa and DaDa and we think he really knows who he is talking about.  Tyler doesn't seem to have a sound yet but Nathan still watches his every move and sometimes gets upset when he cannot see Tyler. 
  • Play time is so much fun - he walks around everything and pushes truck on the floor, plays with balls, trains, hammers, books...pretty much EVERYTHING!
  • Smiles are ALL the time and I love it. 
  • Sleep is good; however the last few days Nathan has been really wanting me to cuddle him to sleep rather than fall asleep on his own, especially at night.  (Maybe he is sad about not being nursed)  I was frustrated about it at first but in rethinking it I just really appreciate the time with my little guy. 
  • Nathan is really starting to get the hang of "Sooooo Big" and we are working on waving bye-bye. 
  • Nathan is VERY currious!  He is into everything.  For example, he unpluged the lamp downstairs the other day and put the plug in his mouth.  Why?  Who knows?  Nathan is sneaky/quiet and FAST!  I can turn around and have the panic of where is Nathan.  His favorite spot is the bathroom.  I have learned to keep the door closed.  It is tough when you have a three year old who needs to go potty.  We are already struggling getting Tyler to pull his pants up, wash his hands and so to add close the just doesn't always happen. 
  • Overall, we are loving life with our two boys and cannot imagine the craziness any other way. :)

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