Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a very Happy Halloween last week!   We hope you did too! 
Happy 1st Halloween, Nathan!
This photo was taken before I took the boys to the sitter for the day - hence Nathan's face "Mom, why are you taking my picture this early in the morning?" 
(Note: That is not dirt on his forehead but a bruise he got on Tuesday.  Some sort of bump or bruise seems to be a permanent fixture on his head lately.)

We had a special jack o lantern pizza for dinner.  We didn't want to start off the night with healthy expectations or anything...

Tyler was a rocket ship! 
I am not sure why he was a one armed rocket ship in this photo. 
(Thanks to Jeanne for a few of these photos!)

He looks thrilled, eh?
Our boys!

The rocket ship trick-or-treating. 

Tyler was loving getting candy!  He was very polite too.  He would say "Happy Halloween!  Trick or treat.  Please and thank you."  It was though he had been practicing.  (We do practice a lot of things but this wasn't one of them.)

When there was a long walk in between house, we stuck the rocket ship in the stroller.  It was pretty funny looking.  As you can see, Nathan was pretty into the excitement of Halloween!

So brave.  These photos make me realize how big Tyler is getting that he is able to walk up to houses by himself.  I know that sounds silly but it just seems like such a big kid thing to do. :)
The day after Halloween Tyler wanted to organize his candy.  He clearly has a Type A personality like his mom.  The strange part was the first thing he wanted to eat out of his pumpkin was pretzels...not like his mom (I wish I would chose pretzles over candy).  Crazy kid!  This is also the kid that would rather have salad than macaroni and cheese. 

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  1. cute boys! and we said the exact same thing about cooper going up to houses alone...seems so big!