Monday, October 15, 2012

Toga, Toga!

Let me start off with a little background information on this next photo.  Jeff and I made the resolution to have a date night (no kiddos allowed) at least once a month!  Well, it was September 30 (yes, we realized last minute we had't had our date night for the month) and so we put in a call to mom to watch the boys for a few hours while we enjoyed dinner at the Hawthorne.  I didn't pack PJs for the boys because I knew at least Tyler would need a bath when we got home.  Well, mom said they played soccer outside and she thought it was a good idea for him to have a bath. 
This is what he was wearing when I arrived to pick him up...
Mom put him in one of Kyle's old Student Council t-shirts and with it being obviously too big, one of his arms was out through the head hole. 
He had no problem with the "dress" he was wearing at ALL.  He loved that Grandma and I could not stop laughing at him. 
I had picked the boys up on my own because I had dropped Jeff off to pick up one of our cars that was serviced earlier that week.  When I carried Tyler in the house (he didn't have any shoes on), Jeff started laughing too and then immediately taught Tyler to run around yelling "Toga, Toga!"  I wish I would have taken a video as it was one of those moments that would have been fun to share 18 years from now. 
Crazy kid...

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