Saturday, October 13, 2012

Band Parade

Washington High School hosts a band festival each year.  My mom and her siblings were ALL in band and I am pretty sure can and have played every instrument in the band.  Last weekend was the festival and it starts with a parade.  Tyler has always loved music and has recently taken an interest in all of the instruments. 

My boys!  Can you tell it was a chilly morning?  I love that Tyler's lips have powdered sugar on them from his donut holes.  Don't judge - the parade started at 8:30 so for us to have all our gear ready and out the door...we just didn't have time for breakfast. 

Part of the crew all bundled up.

Tyler loves his hat and mittens.

My cousin, Zach, is in the junior high band.  While they didn't play in the parade, he did have to carry a sign for one of the bands.  Congrats, Zach, on the new braces!

Tyler was dancing to the drums.  He has told me he either wants to play the drums or the tuba!  Could he pick any larger, louder instruments?  Ahhhh! 

I know I have said this before but Tyler LOVES Zach.  Tyler was trying to sit with Zach on the lawn chair.  There just really wasn't enough room for both of them.

Yep, drums and all - Nathan took his morning nap on Grandma's lap. 

Here comes WHS!

I love music and as much as I want my kids to learn how to play an instrument and read music...I am not too sure about the drums or a tuba at my house.  :)

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