Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Doctor Appointment

Our doctor's appointment on September 20th was great to get both boys checked out with one stop for their 6 month and 3 year check ups for Nathan and Tyler, respectively. 
Giant baby!  Nathan weighed in at whopping 20lbs. 8oz. - 90th %tile and was 28.4 inches tall - 95th %tile (I say tall rather than long because he much prefers to stand these days). 
This is Nathan's head circumference chart.  Dr. Ruldoff even measured it again to check the nurses measurement.  It was correct.  Huge head = big brains!  (At least that is what we expect!)

This big boy was 42lbs. 8oz. and 40.3 inches tall - the 98th %tile for both!


I love this picture as this is what Nathan does constantly - watch his big brother's every movement.

They both still enjoy playing with the tissue paper on the exam tables. 
Nathan got 3 shots including his flu shot (we have to go back this month for the 2nd dose) and Tyler got the flu mist.  I am pretty sure the shot may have been easier.  I too got my flu shot which was very convenient!
How is it possible our babies are getting so big so quickly?


  1. Oh my goodness!! Off the charts :)

  2. I can not believe how big your boys are. Owen is just now 26 pounds. How do you grow them SO big?! Can you teach mine how to eat, please? =)