Monday, October 22, 2012


While it appears the Cardinals season will come to a close probably as I type and upload photos to this blog, I thought it was appropriate to post about the start of Tyler's baseball career. :)
Tyler got a real t-ball set for his birthday and we hadn't broken it out yet.  The Cardinal playoffs have Tyler talking baseball all the time.  He loves Yadi, Double D, Carp, Skippy and the rest of the gang.  He sits with Jeff and asks "who's up, Daddy?"  When the "bad guys" are batting he will yell "strike 'em out!"  We love it! 

I promise it was cold last week.  You wouldn't know it after the 80+ degree weather we had today.  

Can I play too, mom?

Dad came home in the middle of our batting practice.  I will give Jeff a little break here...he usually doesn't wear socks and sandals together.  He had taken off his boots and then realized we were outside so he just grabbed a pair of sandals to come out and play too. 
Isn't this the perfect father/son moment?

Watch out mom!
We got out his glove too but Tyler wasn't too interested in putting it on. 
Jeff and I got out our gloves and played catch for a while thinking it would get him interested...not so much. 

I can do it by myself.

Cheering section. 

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