Monday, October 1, 2012


Tyler got several of the paint with water books for his birthday!  I love them and he loves them.  He is constantly asking to "paint."  It is perfect because it keeps him occupied and it doesn't make the mess that real painting has the potential to. 
Hard at work.
(Don't mind my messy counters or the birthday cake.  This was a few weeks ago and it has since been discarded - one family can only eat so much birthday cake!)

I am not sure if you can tell but he did paint on his face a bit!  
Don't you love his shirt?  Go Mizzou or Go Home! :)

So proud!   He does a pretty good job of only painting the parts with the color so thankfully the entire paper is not sopping wet.  
I am not saying he is the next Vincent van Gogh, but we are still pretty proud of our little artist!

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