Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 Fair Parade

It is always hot for the fair parade but we never miss it...or find an excuse to do so. :)
This year was no exception.  We make it fun and tailgate before and during the parade. 

Tyler loves Zach.  Zach's friend Ty got a lot of attention too.

GG feeding Nathan.

Daddy was set for the parade.

Tyler never wears hats but Zach had one on so all of a sudden it was cool.

Cousin Kasey rode in parade as a Queen contestant.  (More on that contest later.)

Tyler constantly with Zach. 

Nathan finishing his bottle with Daddy.

Summer at its finest...a fudge bar with 95+ degree temperatures. 

I thougth it would be much worse.  I will admit mom helped eat the fudge bar...only to help out with the melting. ;)

Fair week is a long, hard, hot week for Jeanne.  She is the best!

Wow, what a look for daddy.

Tyler gets no attention at all...

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