Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Yes, I realize it is July 26th.  At least we are in the same month...
We celebrated 4th of July with the traditional Main Street Parade hosted by Great Aunt Susan, Uncle Steve and Zach.   You can see previous year posts 2012 and 2011.  It is amazing to see how much the boys have grown!
This is scary! 
We have taught Tyler that motorcycle riders are crazy. 
But it still looks cool, mom!

Preparing for the start of the parade.

Tyler played his homemade drum (a dollar store bucket with a ribbon through it to keep it around his neck) with spoons in the first part of the parade.  He decided to run to keep up with his friend on her bike. 
Tyler switched instruments half way through the parade to the recorder.  And he got his picture in the NEWSPAPER!  Tyler was so excited!  Thanks, Aunt Jeanne! :)

Aunt Susan and GG.  Yep, this is my family.  :)
It is good to see that getting married doesn't impact you overall maturity too much.

Grandma was awesome to pick up Nathan so he wouldn't be left behind the rest of the parade.  Notice he only has part of a recorder in his hand.  I am not sure what happened to the bottom half of it.

Uncle Frank was sporting his...patriotic side?!? 
Yes, this is the principal of our school district's high school.  So proud!  ;)

Is this not adorable?  I don't know this little boy but he sure looked good in his convertible power wheel. 

Whew!  The 6 block parade meant it was time for a popcicle!
Uncle Sam/Nathan enjoyed a cookie after the parade. 
Nathan saw Zach juggling and gave it a shot.  Needless to say throwing two balls on the ground does not consitute juggling, but it was pretty cute. 
To top off the morning, the boys got to ride an antique fire truck around Downtown Washington with Susan and Zach.  Tyler rang the bell 8,264,789 times...or so. 

Excited for their ride!

More bell ringing...
After the parade and fire truck ride we enjoyed a great BBQ. 
Tyler helped me decorate the 4th of July cupcakes.  He was in charge of the star sprinkles and flags.  He took his job VERY seriously. 
We also made some patriotic strawberries.  #pinterest idea
My boys LOVE strawberries to begin with...add white chocloate or frosting and some colored sugar = SMILES!   
Later that night we headed to the park to watch the firewoorks.  Nathan was well excited to have a seat just his size. 
Tyler fell out of his chair.  Silly boy!
Tyler tangled in his chair.
It finally got dark and the fireworks started.  Tyler loved hanging with dad watching the different shapes and colors. 

Nathan had a perfect view on Popo's shoulders. 
Nathan only lasted about 10 minutes into the show and then fell asleep on Grandma's lap.  It was waaaaay past the boys normal bedtime. 

Happy (belated) Independence Day, America! 

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