Friday, July 12, 2013

Take me out to the ball game!

While Grandma and Popo Zick were out of town we were luck enough to get their Cardinal tickets!  We decided it would be the one game of the season that all four (five) of us would go to.  (It is not exactly relaxing to watch a game with Nathan!)  Since Aunt Patty went with us too, it started raining shortly after arriving at the stadium and we had about a 1 hour delay (Patty has been to lots of rain delay games this season). 
The boys watching a movie on the way to the game.   The rule in our car is we don't allow movies to be played unless we are going somewhere 30 minutes or more away.  Tyler asked for it the minute we got into the car to go to the game.  How did he know how far of a drive it was going to be?

I am not sure I love anything more than a little boy in a baseball cap...eating popcorn before the game. 

I think my camera lens (little camera) must have fogged up with the rain outside.  Why does Tyler not cooperate for photos?

Mommy and Nathan. 
Yes, I am pretty sure Nathan ate his way through the entire rain delay and game.  We made it until the 8th inning.  If it wasn't for the rain delay, we would have made it through the whole game.  Nathan was passed out by the time we hit the highway.  Tyler made it all the way home (10pm) because "I have to help Daddy drive." 

Attempt at a family photo...neither child is looking.
Wait...I had this one on my phone.  3 out of 4...I will take it!
Nathan and Daddy.  Too sweet! :)

A little early for double fisting, Nathan!
We had a fun time watching the Cardinals although I am thinking we will keep watching the birds on TV for a few more years before games become a regular outing.  I didn't see too much of the game between handing out snacks, drinks and taking little boys to the bathroom. 

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