Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tuesday Swimming at Aunt Sandy's!

Great Aunt Sandy really is great.  She not only watches Tyler, Nathan and Hadley on Tuesdays but she also takes them to visit GG and Grandpa and has fun water/swimming days for the kiddos too. 
No surprise that Tyler is dominating the pool.  Nathan found his own thing to do.

Nathan is perfectly content with a bucket of water.

Tyler found a bucket to fill up with the pool sprinkler, probably dump it on his head and repeat the process again...and again...and again.

Baby crack! 

The benefit of pool/water time is that it sure tuckers out the boys. 

By the way, Tuesdays at Aunt Sandy's is usually also dubbed "No Pants Tuesdays" hence both boys (and probably Hadley too) not having on any shorts. 
Thanks, Aunt Sandy, for always sending photos my way throughout the day and keeping the kids so happy and engaged. 

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