Monday, July 8, 2013

Field Trip Friday: Watching the excavator and dump truck

Some might think this was a lame field trip and I was just a lazy mom this week.  While this was a very easy field trip with very little travel required, it was not lame, at least in the eyes of my boys.     We had driven past the road work in the evenings on Hwy 100 several times and Tyler always said "I want to see the excavators working." So after story time one Friday, we headed to Target to get some popcorn for a snack and headed to a safe spot across from where the excavators were working.  We parked in a bank parking lot, went in and asked the permission of the bank workers to put a blanket on their lawn to watch the work.  The teller at the bank looked at me a bit odd and said she had never been asked that before but she didn't see any harm in it.  We got out our blanket, our popcorn and a few juice boxes that I packed and enjoyed watching the excavator (don't try to call it a tractor because Tyler will correct you) and dump truck work.  The dump truck driver saw us and even waved at the boys.  Eeek!
This was my view.  For two boys who rarely sit still, they were fascinated and sat there for 45-60 minutes (the popcorn helped too).  We got lots of looks from cars passing by, but we didn't care.  My boys were happy.  Zach joined us and I think may have enjoyed it just as much as Nathan and Tyler. 
I would highly recommend this easy, cheap, FUN activity if you have kiddos who love trucks, tractors, excavators, etc.  Tyler still talks about it when we drive by.  Nathan just points and grunts "truck."  ;)


  1. I LOVE this and totally relate! Sometimes it feels great to slow down and enjoy the little things :)

  2. This is AWESOME! I'll need to find a good construction watching spot for O. =)