Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Field Trip Friday: Botanical Gardens with the Wades

We spent a georgous morning at the Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago with my dear friend, Heather Wade and her two adorable kiddos.  GG joined too!  I always appreciate an extra set of hands, eyes and adult conversation - thanks GG!
Tyler insisted on holding Owen's hand.  They were so cute. 

Ringing the bell tree.

The place is absolutely stunning. 

If you have kiddos and you haven't been to the Children's Garden, you MUST check it out.  It is awesome.  We really just walked directly to it and spent all of our time there. 
Tyler enjoys new adventures each time we go. 
Owen and I took a venture into a cave. 
He was a bit hesitant at first.  One of the guides gave him a flashlight which made it a-okay.   

Tyler got to dress like a butterfly.  The staff tried to explain pollination but he was really just interested in running around flapping his arms/wings. 

The butterfly took off for the playground.  GG and Mama Cooper stood watch over Baby Millie (I cannot believe I didn't get a photo of her!) and our gear. 

Next up was the little water spray park.  Lots of parents are smart enough to bring swimming suits for their kids.  I had completely forgotten about this part of the garden.  #momfail  I gave Tyler the green light as I happened to have a back up set of clothes with us. 

Nathan was a bit cautious (this is rare) and didn't get too wet at all. 

Tyler, on the other hand, was soaked. 
We were able to get the boys out of the water to enjoy a picnic lunch.  Warning:  You are not supposed to picnic in the gardens, but we didn't know before arriving and decided to eat our picnic lunch regardless.  What was the worst that was going to happen...they kick us out?  We were headed home after lunch to take naps anyway. :)
It was an awesome day with even more amazing company! :)

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  1. Great shots! We had a total blast! O just told me this morning that 'Tyler has a lot of cars'. Hint, hint, mom.... WE'll have to come out your way soon! We so love playing with the Francis clan. Hope you're feeling well. xooo