Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Annual 4th of July Parade

The Harms Family hosted the annual Main Street 4th of July Parade again this year and we had a blast!
(Can you tell I am way behind with my blog posts?)

Happy 1st Independence Day, Nathan!
Nathan hung out with Uncle Mike during the parade.  It was much more comfortable than sitting in his car seat and stroller with the 100+ degree temperatures. 

This was Tyler's reaction to riding in the stroller.  Needless to say, we elected to walk.  Seriously, child...just tell me you don't want to ride in the stroller. 

Zach always likes to lead the parade down Main Street.

Yes, folks, this is my Grandma!  No one has ever accused her of lacking spirit.  :)

Here comes the band...

Happy little man with his bubble gum stick flag.

Kasey broke out her trombone for the festivities.

Erin played an excellent bucket and spoon. 


Mom and Sandy focused on their recorder playing...

Nancy and her scooter are dressed for the occasion. 

I think Mike and Nathan are thinking the same thing... "How did I get these fools for a family?"

I wasn't sure what role Susan was playing in the band until I got behind her.  She was the holder for Kelly's trumpet music.

There they go...

Watching the parade sure did tucker out Nathan. 

After the parade it was inside to cool off, enjoy a great lunch and of course, play with cars. 

Our family sure is crazy, but we love to have fun!  Happy (belated) Independence Day! 

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