Friday, September 21, 2012

Tyler's Birthday Party!

Tyler wanted a Curious George party so I logged on to Esty and ordered some cute decorations to help jazz up a 3-year old party.  I was thinking he would pick Toy Story or something I would be able to find at Target but no such luck.  I do love that Curious George was something that has lived on and maybe will still be popular when Tyler has kids.
No, I did not make this.  Thank you, Fudge Shope!  I know it is a bit much for a two-tiered cake for a 3-year old but it was fun.  My first born only turns 3 once! :) 

Cupcakes too! We needed options!

We have played "Wheel of Fortune" with the sign on the wall numerous times already.  Jeff actually asked me last night when I was going to take it down.  All I could answer with was..."not yet."  

I took the easy route and bought 7 pizzas from Papa Murphy's.  They must have been a hit because we only had 4 pieces left. 

Tyler is well loved and struggled with opening all the presents.  He often wanted to stop with presents and get down to the business of playing. 

I obviously was excited to get new books. 

A "big truck!"  The big truck holds lots of little Hot Wheels but I am positive they will never be put away in it unless I do it.

A big cement truck!  Tyler sure does love trucks!

This picture cracks me up.  Tyler focued on his book and Kyle working diligently in the background to get a car out of the box. 

After the present opening died down, we sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candles (my video camera operation was not stellar hence why I skipped right over that part of the party), ate cake and ice cream and then apparently Tyler was hungry as he went over to the food table and was snacking on some chips and salsa.  This kid LOVES chips and salsa! 

Shovel it in! 
From this 9-14-09 to...
...this big boy!  9-14-12
Happy 3rd Birthday Tyler Jeffrey!  We love you more than you will ever know! 


  1. That cake is adorable!! LOVE that big truck, too!

  2. Oh wow, Tyler's Birthday Party looks brilliant. I am quite impressed to see how everything just turned out in this bash. Our son’s birthday was in last month and I also hosted a cute party for him. It was held at the garden event space San Francisco which each and every member in our family enjoyed.