Monday, September 24, 2012

New Toys!

The morning after Tyler's birthday party, our house was pretty quiet.  Daddy and Nathan slept in which gave Tyler and I the perfect chance to hang out just the two of us and play with his new toys.  I am pretty sure I love new toys just as much, if sometimes not more, than Tyler does..
This toy, the GeoSafari, goes waaay back.  This was a toy that Kyle and I had when we were younger and I LOVED it then.  We had passed it on to Zach and then it was passed back to Tyler.  It was the first thing Tyler asked to play with Saturday morning.  Some of the cards are too advanced for him - the solar system and the muscle groups to name a few.  He did love the sounds.  The lights flash to a picture - example PIG and Tyler has to figure out what letter the picture starts with.  He did perfect!  We are working on addition and subtraction now.  I think we will try to learn the states and state capitals next!

We got Tyler a new puzzle.  He loves puzzles and this one had letters, occupations and was a cool shape with a bonus puzzle in the middle.  He needed a little assistance with the middle part but otherwise did a great job. 

Tyler and the finished product.  Yes, Tyler wanted to play with his new toys with no pants on.  I mean, really, who wants to wear pants on Saturday morning.  Ha!  It was too cute not to post.  Someday he is going to kill me for this whole blog thing...

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