Sunday, September 23, 2012

6 Months!

This post is only a week behind...that means I am catching up! :)
Yes, our baby is already half a year old.  Crazy, right?
Nathan always has something in his mouth - his fingers, a toy, food - whatever is handy, no pun intended. ;)

The shadow in this photo makes his head look even bigger than it it.  Ha! 

Crazy hair!  And teeth!  As of today - his third tooth is in.  Now he has two on the bottom and one on the top!  At this rate, he is going to be able to have filet mignon by Christmas. 

He is very ticklish .   Daddy still gets the best laughs.  Nathan's belly laughs make everyone within earshot smile too!   As Tyler would say, "Nathan's so silly, mommy!"

So this has started and only lasted a day...

After one day on his knees, he figured out how to get on his feet. 
Yep, we are full fledge pulling ourselves up on EVERYTHING possible.  He is so happy standing.  I guess now that he is all over the place crawling he might as well figure out how to walk.  This little man is so strong! 
What else is Nathan doing?
  • Eating like a champ - loves sweet potatoes, peas and cereal.  Carrots and pears are on the menu next.  He is still nursing and hadsn't yet ruined it with all his teeth.  I will admit it makes me nervous but so far, so good.   A weight update coming in a future post! 
  • Sleeping is pretty good too.  We had a stretch when he was waking up a bit earlier than I would have preferred but I think it was teething related.  We have had to lower his bed with him pulling himself up.  He is almost always sitting up in his bed when I walk in his room. 
  • Really starting to babble too - he will sometimes repeat sounds - ba ba, ma ma and dah dah.  Squealing is also in his reportore. 
  • He does not like to sit still - crawling, sitting up, climbing, kicking.  I know he is just about out for the count when his movements stop for more than 30 seconds. 
  • I cannot imagine how much more he will learn by next month.   I remember with Tyler I was so excited for him to learn the next thing.  With Nathan, I somehow want to slow him down.  Obviously, he is no of the same mindset. 

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  1. He looks really grown up in the few weeks it has been since I've seen you! I can't believe all of his hair, too!