Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last Night as a 2 year old...

We put our big boy to bed for the last time as a two year old tonight...tear, tear! :(  How is it that our babies grow up so quickly?   I told Tyler I wanted to take his picture before he fell asleep and he was all about it.  He is pretty excited for his birthday tomorrow.  
I love this sweet smile!

Notice his Curious George PJs...just a hint for the party theme tomorrow. :)

Tyler even wanted a photo with Nathan.  I promise I did not put monkey jammies on Nathan on purpose.  I actually just noticed it as I am posting these pics.  Our two little monkeys...

I love this one.  Tyler has really taken to Nathan lately and is even sharing his toys with him!  Since Nathan is on the move, he really doesn't have an option anymore.  Nathan is into everything!  Nathan loves Tyler's kisses and belly laughs when he receives a kiss from Tyler.  It is too cute (I need to get a video)!

Tyler wanted one last photo..."Mommy, take my picture with Cookie!"  Who is this child who all of a sudden wants his picture taken?  I will take advantage of it while it lasts! 


  1. Can't wait to celebrate with Big T tonight :) I can't believe he's THREE! Happy Birthday, Tyler!

  2. Hope he had a GREAT birthday! YAY Tyler!