Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Card's Game

We had been wanting to do something special with just Tyler.  He has been such a good big brother and often has to be patient with me while I am caring for Nathan.  My mom was out of town over the Labor Day weekend and so she generously gave us her Cardinal tickets.  We decided it was the perfect opportunity to take Tyler to a game.  Mike and Jeanne were sweet enough to watch Nathan for the afternoon!  Thanks!  I should reiterate right now that we are so, so, so lucky to have family and friends constantly helping us out.  Our boys would not be the same without all of you!
The game was a 1:15 start and so this was how Tyler slept on me for about 30 minutes or so.  Then both of us were just too hot so we decided to go for a walk to go play. 

He was pretty proud he was able to walk on the bat after just a few tries.  I still don't see the balance beam in his future. ;)

A little blurry but a fun pic with daddy nonetheless.
A strawberry milkshake was the perfect way to cool off after playing and the walk back to our seats. 


The season ticket seats are right in front of the press box which is perfect so daddy could stand when Tyler got bored. 

Headed to the car after the game...and then to Ted Drewes for MORE ice cream!  Hey, it was a special day for Tyler! :)

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  1. SO glad you were able to take him to a game! We are taking O again on Sunday. I love Cardinal baseball!