Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sweet Potatoes!

Nathan has mastered cereal.  I will note that he much prefers it with a slice of banana mashed up in it.  With cereal mastered, we moved on to sweet potatoes. 
I decided this time around that I would make Nathan's baby food.  With Tyler, I bought it and though people that took time to make it were crazy.  It really is pretty easy and CHEAP!  This device does it all, steams, blends, warms it! 

I had some free time a few weeks ago with both boys napping so I thought I would stock up on baby food so I made sweet potatoes, carrots and peas and then froze the baby food in ice cube trays.  It is pretty simple.  I can grab a few cubes out to feed Nathan.   I tried just one cube and he was mad when the food ran out so we are already on to two cubes most of the time. 

This is an example of my taking a picture with one hand while feeding with the other.  Nathan looks at me with those big beautiful eyes when he is ready for pretty often. :)

He has been pretty lanky up to now but starting to get those baby rolls.  I love it!

He loves, loves, loves the spoon!  I cannot believe he is old enough to eat baby food already!  I guess I would get bored with milk after almost 6 months too. 

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  1. I made O's food & it is super simple! (though some things I bought... ex: prunes). Who wants to rehydrate and then puree prunes?!