Saturday, August 11, 2012

Latest project

I have been needing to put some decorations up in Nathan's room.  Right now I still have a photo of the Kappa house in his room from when it was a guest room and I am pretty sure Nathan is not going to be a Kappa).  Anyway, I wasn't sure what to put up and I found a cute idea on Pinterest we could do ourselves at home (these ideas usually get me in trouble...).  Tyler was really excited to help.

The green canvas really sucked up some paint and I had to paint it again (around the footprint) so it does look better post photo. 
Nathan's hand was tough to get to spread all the way out hence two of his fingers kinda running together.  Another notable is my kiddos' HUGE feet.  Tyler is wearning size 10 (toddler) and Nathan...we he doesn't often wear shoes but probably size 3 (infant).

After we did the foot and hand prints, Tyler asked to paint just about every other sentence so I had an extra canvas (actually 6 extra - I just bought the 10 pack in case I have another creative need) and painting is what he did. 

As you can see it pretty much turned into a green/brown mess masterpiece.  He was very proud of it. 

Daddy just couldn't resist helping and as you can imagine, Tyler wanted none of his help. 

I am pretty sure we will have to do this again as Tyler has continued to request to paint...often.  I know, I is my fault.  :)

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