Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Months!

A lot has happened in the last month.  Nathan is on the move.  I wouldn't call it crawling but he is oh, so close.  (Photos in an upcoming post.)  His first tooth just broke the skin today and to put him to sleep tonight a bit of Tylenol was placed on his tooth entry.  Poor little man.  I tried to take a picture but there really isn't much to see...yet.  His tooth didn't stop him from being a pure pleasure to snap some photos of for his 5 month birthday!

Such a happy guy! 
It is a good thing he doesn't talk yet because I am pretty sure that smile could get just about anything right now. 

No patience for sitting still.  "I could probably gnaw on something..."

Looking guilty.  See the drool mark on the chair?

So many captions I could put here.  I will refrain and let you make up your own. :)

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Nathan!  You are such a blessing!
  • Nathan has just moved to size 3 diapers.  They might be a bit big but I figure it is better than too small. 
  • We tried cereal last week (I am way behind with blog usual) and it did not get rave reviews.  More on that later.
  • Nathan has been sleeping like a champ.  I have really been working hard to keep him up until 9pm or so and then he sleeps until around 6:30am which is perfect.  I have time to nurse him and then if I am working that day it is off to the sitter. 
  • Nathan is grabbing for EVERYTHING!  I can no longer eat anything with him sitting on my lap... or check the iPad...or wear my hair down.  Everything gets pulled on by those tiny hands and goes straight for the mouth.
  • Nathan loves, loves, loves his toes! 
  • He has figured out a way to roll, wiggle, squirm to get what he wants and usually doesn't stop until he runs into something. 
  • He is wearing 9 month PJs but those are now getting to tight length wise so I am going to have to get out a different bin tomorrow and pack/unpack more baby clothes.  I feel like there is constantly a bin in the middle of his room.  As for onesies, he can still wear 6-months but 9 month are looking a bit more comfortable. 
  • Nathan is such a lovable, easy going, happy kid.  He loves his Sophie, his teething toys, watching Tyler and being talked to. 

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