Monday, August 13, 2012

Future All-Stars

Nathan is like most younger siblings who love to watch and attempt to immulate their older siblings.  Shooting hoops is just one of the things I hope to watch our boys do together in the future. 

Nathan enjoying a bit of hoop time, compliments of his Bumbo seat.  He loved that his hoop makes noise when he pulls on the rim.  As you can see, he missed the coaching session we had about putting the ball through the hoop. 

This is picure perfect form for a 4 month-old, don't you think?  It will be fun to show this photo at his Senior Night for high school or even college basketball.  We start 'em young at the Francis household. ;)

I couldn't leave Tyler out.  We have a similar photo for his Senior Night too. Tyler was 6-months old in this photo.  

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