Saturday, August 18, 2012

Field Trip Friday - a NEW vehicle!

Our Friday fieldtrip was a bit different this week - we bought a 2012 Suburban!

Jeff and I had negoiated the deal earlier in the week and the boys got to go with me on Friday to pick it up!  We are the third generation of current Suburban owners (my Grandpa Zick, my dad and now us)! 

Photo: Alison, Tyler and Nathan Francis and their 2012 Chevy Suburban.  Sold by Marcie Politte-Evans.   Congrats and Best Wishes!!
How did the dealership get Tyler to look at the camera but I cannot?

As you can see we still have the truck (and the Volvo).  Not exactly sure what we are going to do with 3 vehicles, but we are never sure how much longer the Volvo will last (currently has 194,000 miles).  We might end up selling the truck to upgrade Jeff from the Volvo into something newer.  Jeff just hates to think about parting with his truck.  Even I will admit it is so handy to own a truck when you have a house.  

With the new Suburban, Tyler's (and eventually Nathan's) entertainment value increased with dual DVD players - one for the second row and one for the third.  We have had to make several accessory purchases with the new vehicle already.  Cargo mats for the entire tan carpet interior floor were a requirement so those were shipped via 2 day shipping and are already installed.  The other purchase we needed Tyler's help for so to Target we went. 

We wanted to get him some headphones so we don't always have to listen to whatever moive he might be watching in the car.  He LOVES them.  We have already made the rule - no movie unless we are traveling for more than 30 minutes in the car.   He can listen to the XM Disney station in the car with these too while we listen to...really anything else.  Let's be honest, sometimes mommy and daddy need a break from the high, squeaky Elmo/Mickey Mouse voices.

We are now ready for tailgating, ball games, carting kids, friends and family around and maybe more kiddos in the future.  So many options and I feel that now that we have a Suburban we will never go back.

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  1. So excited for you!!I can just imagine your mom's wonderful margaritas flowing out of that trunk on game days =)